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Focus on long-term rental yields and capital growth

No matter the size of your portfolio, there is one certainty: you will have to deal with taxes and depreciation. Keeping track of your financial reports and expenses can become overwhelming, especially if it’s your first investment property, or if you have an expansive portfolio to maintain.

Our knowledge and expertise are some of our biggest assets as part of the ARG Group

To provide you with sound advice which will inform your decisions, we offer you advanced investment management to help you capitalise on the opportunity your new-home investment will bring.

We know how important it is to maintain your property’s long-term rental yields and capital growth. To save you time and money, we keep detailed and accurate financial reports for your accountant.

We are proudly different to other property managers. We are not only new-home specialists, we also do much more than collect the rent and manage repairs and maintenance. ARG PM can help you manage your property portfolio, including optimised tax depreciation schedules.

We are genuinely focused on your investment success.

Health-check your property or portfolio

Stay focused on your portfolio targets. Explore the health of your property portfolio to ensure it is working for you. Discover new ways to build growth, assess proactive maintenance plans and maximise your returns. Learn about our property or portfolio health checks and 3 months free property management

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