Building solid connections

Your investment is only as strong as your relationships

It’s easy to overlook how important your relationship with builders and tradespeople can be. After all, you don’t expect to see much of them outside of handover management and regular maintenance. Even so, we believe a strong relationship with the builders and tradespeople is a crucial element of property management.

You can rely on us

At ARG PM, you can rely on our established builder relationships to ensure maintenance and handover management is upheld at a high standard. With strong communication channels, maintenance work is caught early and repaired by quality tradespeople without going over-budget.

Staying on top of maintenance and repairs also builds a stronger relationship with your tenants. Tenants who feel like their requests are being heard and dealt with efficiently are more likely to stay long-term in a home they feel safe and comfortable in.

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Katrina has been absolutely incredible and so helpful during the whole process of applying and moving into our new home. We couldn’t be more grateful for her professionalism, friendly nature, and her dedication to make this process as smooth and quick as possible.
Rose Temme

Deal with emergencies quickly

Problems can arise at any time. Deal with defect repairs, maintenance issues and other emergencies cost efficiently with qualified tradespeople and builders. Learn about our established relationships with most major builders.

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